Quality, Health & Safety

Quality, Health & Safety

Our insistence on consistently high standards not only sets us apart from other contractors; it continually wins us repeat and new business

Quality, Health & Safety


The Quartzelec Group of companies insists on consistently high standards throughout which not only sets us apart from other engineering specialists; it continually wins us repeat and new business. Everything we do is approached – and delivered – with those high standards, irrespective of project size or profitability.

TS Metals is is accredited by Lloyds to ISO9001:2015 for the manufacture of medium fabrications and sheet metal work, including precision laser cutting of sheet metal, shot blasting and painting. We pride ourself on quality of service and have invested significantly to maintain high standards in the changing face of industry. We hold a range of BS EN ISO 15614-1 Welding Procedures as well as ASME IX, BS EN 287-1 & BS EN 9606-1:2017 Welder Approvals.

Quartzelec as a Group invests significantly in achieving additional 3rd party accreditation specific to key markets, providing additional comfort for our client base.

Health & Safety

The Quartzelec Group has an inherent health & safety culture, with all activities conducted and services delivered in a way that is safe for our employees, subcontractors, customers and the communities in which we and they operate.

TS Metals adheres to the principles of ISO45001:2018. Accreditation has already been achieved in a number of our other businesses and this is a programme which will continue until fully implemented across the group. 

We ensure that all employees have the appropriate levels of competence and authorisation to carry out their work safely, and that risk assessments and safe working procedures are in place and rigidly adhered to at all stages of a project. This is achieved by the provision of structured training and ongoing information.

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